Thursday, December 18, 2008

Phish Phlakes

The scammers aren't even trying anymore. Just got this last night:
Two things struck me. First, the salutation says "Dear costumer." I have never worked in the theater, and haven't even created a Halloween costume in decades. Also, do they honestly think that I am going to take seriously financial correspondence that has the reply-to address "finegirl_13_2002" with a Yahoo address? Come on now.

Seriously, though, for those unhip to these scams, if you ever do receive one of these things (from a bank, PayPal, credit card, etc.) the best way to authenticate it is to either a) call the institution in question and ask, or b) log onto your account using the bookmark or link you normally use. That is, never click a link embedded in one of these e-mails. And never send an e-mail to finegirl_13.

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