Friday, October 13, 2006

Prison Cells

Yes, but:
YouMail is a free service that lets you change your cellphone's voicemail greeting according to who's calling. You could record a separate personalized voicemail announcement for every entry in your phonebook.
Whilst I like this idea in theory, perhaps it's just me, but when people call my cellphone, no one ever leaves voice mail. I don't know if anyone bothers listening to the outgoing message or just gives up if I don't answer after two rings--which I never do because, well, cell reception in the house is virtually non-existent (why is why I had to get a landline), plus I hate talking on cellphones in public (it's rude and obnoxious, plus I get self-conscious) and of course I refuse to talk while driving (hey, someone's got to stay alert out there, given how idiotically everyone seems to be driving lately--lanes? what are they?).

OK, I'm better now.

Since incoming calls come out of my cell minutes (and I don't have a first-minute-free plan), I also rely on caller ID. I'm always amused when the same unknown people call over and over, obstinately refusing to leave a message. I always return messages (sometimes even promptly), should anyone ever actually leave one, but don't see any reason to maintain 24/7 telephonic availability--especially to "unknown" callers (who are usually only going to ask me for money).

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