Friday, October 13, 2006

I Can't Believe It's Butter

With so much going on in today's high-tech world of iPods, cellphones, PlayStations, Google and YouTube, etc. etc. etc., we often lose sight of the fact that butter-spreading technology has also been proceeding apace.

For example, via mi hermano, the "One-Click Butter Cutter" for those who don't trust themselves alone with a full stick of butter. Now you can just squeeze out a small, healthy pat.
You can also squeeze the butter pats right into your mouth, if you're into that.

And, via Marginal Revolution's link to a slideshow of strange Japanese inventions, the spreadable butter stick:

Word of advice: if you have this butter stick, as well as a glue stick and/or any of those stain-removing sticks, you might not want to keep them all in the same drawer.

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