Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bulleted Text

Yes, I'm with Gizmodo: perhaps this is a sign of the apocalypse:
An Oklahoma retired veteran and state school superintendent candidate is campaigning to have bullet-proof textbooks. Bill Crozier tested traditional textbooks to see what, if any kind of bullets a textbook would stop. The traditional textbooks were able to stop handgun bullets, but not rifle bullets.
Whew! Saved by trigonometry!

Sort of like that old proverb about the bible in the breast pocket...

I can think of a few textbooks I've wanted to put some bullets through (like that one I had in Advanced Chemistry freshman year in college...).

There is no truth to the rumor, though, that certain literary enclaves (like Yaddo here in Saratoga) are toying witth the idea of making protective vests out of textbooks. (Insert own metaphor here.)

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