Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crash of Moons

Over at Movie Mis-Treatments, Rocky Jones, Winky, the senior-moment-personified Professor Newton, and the whole Scooby gang are back in 1954's Crash of Moons.
The Rocky Jones show was really low-budget, the writing is pretty lame, and the acting on a community theater level, but it has a certain charm and I confess I do kind of like these movies. I guess it would fall into that category of “quaint science fiction,” for want of a better term.

Crash of Moons has also been variously titled The Crash of Moons, Crash of the Moons, The Crash of the Moons, The Crash the of Moons, The Crash the of the Moons, The the the the Crash of the the the Moons the, and The The of the The. I think that covers all the bases. The.
As an added bonus (if you want to call it that), a pre-Hogan's Heroes John Banner guest stars as the improbably affable ruler of a doomed moon.

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