Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Moore's Law

Ron Moore, the creator and executive producer of the new Battlestar Galactica (a great show, far far better than the cheeseball late 70s incarnation which I unfortunately watched religiously at the time and now cringe when I see clips of it...call it a misspent youth)
..what was I saying? Oh, right: Wired has an extensive interview with Ron Moore, who discusses all the ancillary media that are not involved with producing a television program:
Wired: You've been committed to...Webisodes, the blog, the podcasts. What's the importance of those?

Moore: Now I think they're almost expected. Now they're part of what it is to do a television show, especially in this genre. This genres fans are very connected to their computers, to all these multiple platforms, and they look for it. They're there to be served, so why wouldn't you serve them? We're planning webisodes for this season. My podcasting will continue, albeit depending on how quick I am about it, it'll happen.
And I can sympathize with this!:
The blog is more — I don't know what to do about the blog. I go back to the blog. I created my own blog. I do it in bursts, and then I fall away from it. I find myself without a lot to say sometimes, and that's a fatal flaw in the blogosphere evidently. You're supposed to say something whether it's of value or not.

Wired: The fatal flaw is that people do it anyway.

Moore: Yeah, I just don't have a lot to say. I don't have a topic for a blog, so I don't write one till I think of something or the mood hits me.

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