Thursday, June 05, 2008

Death to Alexander Graham Bell!

Oh, right, he's already dead. Well, I say we reanimate him and kill him again.

The telemarketing calls gave gotten so wildly out of control--and on the off chance I decide to answer, there is usually silence, broken only by my piercing shriek--that I'm not even bothering to turn the ringer on anymore. Send me an e-mail. However, I do check my call log, and have found a great Web site that lets you find out who these assclowns are: 800notes. (Actually, you can just do a Google search for a specific phone number and it will send you right to the appropriate forum.) I have noticed I do get a lot of calls from a Syracuse company called Barrier Windows. I Googled them and the first hit was this story from Channel 3 News about how they prey on the elderly and infirm. Someone needs to figure out search engine optimization! (More to the point, why would I buy windows from a Syracuse company anyway?)

I have also discovered--both through 800Notes and unfortunately answering the phone, that I am being pitched repeatedly by automotive warranty companies, insisting my manufacturers' warranty was about to expire. How would they know that? Is Toyota selling my name and number? If so, I'm selling my car.

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