Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Book Rack-etology

Reposted here from The Facebook Machine, which I think I shall gradually be weaning myself away from...
Here's an interesting little game for all you literature nerds who happen to also get into NCAA bracketology: the greatest novel of all time brackets. (Yeah, this stuff is fraught with issues, but, heck, why not play along.) So here is the first round, where you vote certain novels against others. (Repeat parenthetical caveat above, three or more times, one of which in a loud, high, squeaky voice.) My one rule? Not to vote for a book I have not read. 
So: I had to pick The Great Gatsby over To Kill a Mockingbird--I adore The Great Gatsby, and To Kill A Mockingbird was actually a better movie... One Hundred Years of Solitude vs. Emma--actually I disliked both of them, but Gabriel Garcia Marquez gets extra points for magic realism. Crime and Punishment vs. To the Lighthouse? Though I'm not afraid of Virginia Woolf, Dostoyevsky played an important role in my youth (which could explain so much...). But why not The Brothers Karamazov? Ulysses vs. Invisible Man? No contest; James Joyce has always been my man. And, whoa, Great Expectations vs. Lolita (aka Great Sexpectations?)? Dickens conquers all, but I hated Lolita except for one parenthetical expression "(picnic, lightning)". So no contest there. I never read Madame Bovary or Song of Solomon, so I abstain. I have read War and Peace, but not Things Fall Apart, so again, I abstain, but how can you beat Tolstoy?; and whilst I have read Moby Dick, I never did read Middlemarch. Votes closed apparently today at 9 am. 

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