Thursday, June 14, 2012

The "Illegies"

Maybe it's because there is an impending Micro Publishing News reunion in CA in August, but I am curiously nostalgic for the late 1990s (for a wide variety of reasons...), and I never succumb to nostalgia. Anyway, that September 1999 MPN column (see previous post) also featured a faux news story inspired by actual AIGA calendars we would get in the office. David G. and I often would talk of starting an actual award called the Illegies:
Design Firm Wins Award for Unreadable Events Calendar
San Francisco-based cAribA +/& Associates, a design firm specializing in advertising collateral and branding, recently won the award for Most Overdesigned and Unreadable at the Illegies, a Bay Area competition for illegible and unreadable design. 
The winning piece was the 1997 events calendar, created by cAribA +/& Associates for the San Francisco Symphony. 
“What made this events calendar stand out is that it is designed in such a way that it’s not only completely impossible to determine what is taking place on any given night, but it also isn’t clear without intense study that it even is an events calendar,” said judge Dennis Amoeba. 
“cAribA +/& Associates is proud to be so thoroughly incomprehensible,” says firm principal Usndeir Skhtysweyy. 
cAribA +/& Associates is a full-service design firm whose clients include…well, we’re not really sure. (1997)

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