Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boxing Day II: Electric Boogaloo

The countdown is on! One month until the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, March 16-18 in Brooklyn, NY. This will be the fourth time I have participated. Last year, I finished 65th out of 655. In 2010, I finished 75th out of 644. For a couple of years, the tournament conflicted with Graphics of the Americas, but my first year of competition, 2007 (the last year it was held in Stamford, CT), I came in a mere 263rd out of 698 (say what you want about social media, but it was only by searching my blog posts and tweets that I was able to find these stats!).

The only downside is that it conflicts with the NCAA tournament, although last year I did better than Syracuse...

Time to rent Wordplay, the hit 2006 documentary about the Crossword Puzzle Tournament.

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