Monday, November 17, 2008

Another Long National Nightmare Nearly Over

Well, maybe not "national," but a long nightmare nonetheless:
SU fires Greg Robinson as head football coach

Syracuse University head football coach Greg Robinson was fired on Sunday by director of athletics Daryl Gross, ending a turbulent era that began with great optimism only to deterioriate into misery, hopelessness and the worst four-year run in the program's 119 years of competition.
When they started selling Prozac at the concession stands at the Carrier Dome, I knew it was getting bad. Ken A. and I ventured out last weekend for the UConn game. It was rather like watching a train wreck in slow motion. Robinson's record for ther past four years? 9-36 overall and 3-24 in the Big East. This season, SU is 2-8 and 1-5 after losing to Connecticut.

It's not just a silly fan thing either. A lot of the Syracuse economy (bars, restaurants, hotels) is based on attracting large crowds of rabid alumni. Not to mention corporate sponsorships and other things that bring money into the school. And this is not the time for the school (or anyone, really) to be losing money from any source!

At any rate, hopefully basketball season will help reignite some of the fire that has gone from the fans' ardor.

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