Monday, September 01, 2008

The Blog is Back

After The Industry Measure was shut down last spring, I decided to "chill out" for a while. After many years of being on the treadmill of non-stop reports, weekly e-mail blasts, blogging various places elsewhere, and many many other projects, I was completely burned out. I had becomes less a writer and more a delivery system for words--and I had run out! So I took as much of the summer off as I could to replenish my words. Now, summer is over, and it's back to the salt mines. I shall be attempting to post here more regularly (famous last words), with my usual mix of fiction experiments, summaries of bad science-fiction movies (I have made only the smallest of dents in my 50-film cheesy science fiction DVD collection), and, of course, harbingers of the looming robot holocaust. Consider yourselves warned.

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