Friday, September 28, 2012

Yak Yak Yak

Last night, Palio Communications in Saratoga Springs hosted the Toastmasters Area 71 Humorous Speech Contest, drawing about 30 Toastmasters from the four clubs in Saratoga, Washington County, and Glens Falls. Although, with my speech “Driven to Distraction” (about the horrors of talking and texting while driving), I came in second place (which exactly what I wanted to do; it’s like winning, but without having to do anything further), the actual winner—Jeff Bishop—is unable to make the next contest in the chain. So, it turns out, I will be representing Thorobred Toastmasters and Area 71 at the Division G contest on October 15.

And, man, cameraphones take awful pictures:

Whatever happened to real cameras? Every picture I have ever seen taken with a cameraphone looks like someone’s last known photo.

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