Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We're Gonna Pay for This...

84° in March? In upstate New York? It may be one for the record books. The average high for March 20 in Albany, according to Weather.com, is 47°F. The record high was 75°F (set in 1894). The record low for this date was -10°F (1967—figures; that was the year I was born).

I don't know if it means Saharan conditions in July and August, the revenge of Old Man Winter next year, or (more likely) drought conditions this summer.

But it could just as easily snow next week. I remember back in April 2000, I was visiting Schenectady (I was still living in LA at the time) and it was in the upper 70s and sunny one day, and literally the next morning I woke up and we were having a blizzard (of course, I had to catch a flight). Also, we had a blizzard in Syracuse in May 1989 two weeks before my college commencement. So who knows what to expect?

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