Thursday, January 14, 2010

And Justice Fur All

Here's a story that gave me paws. No one escapes jury duty (would he need an escape claws?). This would make a good Law and Order episode.
Duty calls for an East Boston resident.

Someone is getting called for jury duty...but it's no human.

A family is trying to figure out how their pet cat was summonsed for jury duty.

“I said, Sal, what’s this? You know, I don’t believe it I was shocked,” said Guy Esposito, Sal’s owner.

Sal’s owners, Guy and Anna Esposito, think they may know the source of the mix up: Sal really is a member of the family, so on the last Census form, Anna Esposito listed him under “pets”.

“I just wrote ‘Sal Esposito’, scratched out the ‘dog,’ and wrote, ‘cat,’” said Anna.

Anna filed for Sal’s disqualification of service. However, the jury commissioner was unmoved and denied the request.

Sal’s service date at Suffolk Superior Court is set for March 23. Anna said that if the issue isn’t cleared up by then, she will simply have to bring the cat to court.
A jury of one's purrs? It'll make voire dire an interesting process, at any rate. Although, I bet Michael Vick's lawyers wouldn't have minded having Sal on his jury!

(h/t Dr. Joe)

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