Saturday, October 31, 2009

I Bury the Living

Happy Halloween! This year's Menacing Movie Mis-Treatment is the actually-not-too-bad-(until-the-end) creepfest I Bury the Living.
The movie—whose potential tagline “You’ll never look at push pins the same way again!”—will set your teeth on edge. (I could say that it will keep you on pins and needles, but I don’t think I’ll say that.)

By the way, I do have a bit of career enhancement advice. If you are at a networking function and you are asked, “So, what do you do?” it is perhaps unwise—though fun—to reply, “I bury the living.” This is the sort of business advice that’s hard to get for free, and yet is why I am one of the most successful business consultants around, with a clientele consisting entirely of Fortune 500 companies. (Well, no, not really. Actually, all my clients are Misfortune 500 companies.)
Also, The Skull, my favorite bad Halloween movie, is also similarly Mis-Treated.

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